Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elsa Selfie

Last year Ella decided that she wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween this year.  We had been through a lot of snow days, and on one of those days Joe and I couldn’t take “kid shows” anymore, so we introduced her to Star Wars.  She was hooked.  She even went to Target and spent her saved birthday money on light sabers.

Then Christmas came…and so did Frozen.  And Ella was mesmerized.  She bought the CD, got the DVD, and memorized all of the songs.  Whenever we would want to watch a movie as a family, Ella had only 1 suggestion…Frozen.

And with that, Princess Leia was thrown out the window and Elsa entered the scene.  Ella called her GiGi and explained in detail exactly what she wanted to be for Halloween and exactly how the dress needed to look.

Well, the much anticipated dress arrived last week.  I wish I had captured Ella’s face when she first laid eyes on it.  She was beyond thrilled.  Of course she immediately put the dress on, then grabbed my phone and started playing “Let It Go” on repeat while she danced around the living room and acted out the movie.

I'm still holding out hope that she'll want to be Princess Leia next year, but for now, I am happy that this dress makes her feel so beautiful.

Unfortunately I haven’t gotten a picture of her fully in the Elsa dress yet, but here is a selfie Ella took in her Elsa wig.

And just because I know you all are itching to know…yes, AJ is going to be Olaf.  There’s only 1 problem…he screams every time we put his Olaf hat on.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, she's SO grown up. I too am a big fan of Frozen just because it's so good for young girls.

Tell Ella, that it's good enough for AJ to just be a pumpkin this year. He'll get much more into it next year.