Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2nd Grade

Here we are, on our 3rd week of 2nd grade!

Ella was nervous about this year because she was really afraid that her teacher would ask her to do things she doesn’t know and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to ask questions.  Apparently at the end of last year someone said that in second grade you have to be “first time listeners.”  Ella took that to mean that she could never ask a question.  I tried to explain that the person meant that she just needs to pay attention.  It’s ok to have a question if you don’t understand something.  Ella wasn’t convinced.  It didn’t help that we were in Cincinnati during the school open house, so we didn’t get to meet her teacher until the first day.  I tried to reassure her by telling her that her teachers first name is Katie and I have never met a Katie I didn't like.

Joe and I broke the rules and walked her to class on the first day (parents aren’t supposed to do that) so that we could meet her teacher and see her classroom.  The teacher was incredibly nice and Ella already had several friends in the class (although her best friend isn’t in her class).

At the end of the day when I picked Ella up and asked how her day was, she responded, “So great!”  What a relief!  Every day she has responded that it has been a good day.  Some days she even says, "AWESOME!"  So far her favorite activity is when they get a “Brain Break” and get to listen to music.  We have heard nothing but glowing remarks about her teacher (who just got married this summer), so we are very relieved with how the school year is shaping up to be.

Last night was the school Open House, so I actually got to visit Ella’s classroom and talk with her teacher for a few minutes.  She has some good ideas about things to do for Ella, which I’m excited about.  My favorite was seeing Ella’s self portrait.  She even included little pictures of Sabrina and AJ.

So far 2nd grade is going great!  We are all excited to see what the year holds.


Anonymous said...

I am excited for her. She's a sweet girl and the self portrait of such a smiling, happy girl gives testament to how she feels. She's lucky to have you as parents! God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment whole-heartedly and I love the hair bow!