Monday, December 16, 2013

Welcome to the world!

On Monday December 9, 2013 at exactly 3:00 in the afternoon, Abraham Joseph “AJ” Murray entered the world.

He weighed in at a hefty 8 pounds 6 ounces and reached a whopping 20 inches long.

We are thrilled beyond measure to welcome this sweet baby into our family.

2 years ago Ella attended a birthday party for one of her friends.  While there she was admiring a newborn baby.  She stood by his carseat for several minutes just looking at him and talking to him.  A woman came up and asked Ella, “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”  Ella replied with complete confidence, “Not yet, but I will soon.”  Joe and I were shocked by her statement.  She had been praying for a little brother or sister, but had God given her an answer?

Well now here we are, a family of 4.  Things are going great so far!  Ella is completely smitten with her baby brother and kisses him and cuddles with him as much as possible.  Joe is thrilled, I am thrilled, the grandparents are thrilled, and even Sabrina seems to be accepting this new little creature.  This is going to be a great Christmas!

 Ella holding her brother for the first time.

 It was love at first sight!

 Our first picture as a family of 4.

 GiGi holding AJ for the first time.

 Paw Paw holding AJ for the first time.

 Daddy and AJ.  This is the norm around here.  Daddy always falls asleep with the kids.


Anonymous said...


Watch out lucky little guy - you've got one powerful older sister to show you the world.

Blessings to all of you this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! So happy for you all!
Love, The Pfautz Family

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, he is gorgeous!

Laurie Ploude said...

Merry Christmas!