Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays.  I love that it’s the beginning of the craziness.  I love that it’s all about being thankful for what you have.  I love that there’s such a big emphasis on spending time with family.

Several years ago Joe and I decided that we were going to stop traveling at Thanksgiving and just spend the days off at home as a family.  This has become one of the best times of year for us.  No running around.  No hustle and bustle.  No packing.  No traffic.  No sleeping in a strange bed.  Just us, at home, hanging out.

This year Joe took Monday and Tuesday off so we could finish up some last minute things for the baby.  We were able to get the car seat installed and get my hospital bag packed.  We put some things in the attic and brought some things down from the attic.  All in all I feel good about where we are.  His room isn’t perfect and still has a lot of work, but all of the baby items are in their place and have been washed.  The bassinet is ready.  The crib is ready (even though he won’t sleep in it for awhile).  The pack-n-play is ready.  The bouncy seat, swing and floor mat are ready.  I’m ready.  Joe’s ready.  Ella’s ready.  Sabrina…I don’t think she’s ready, but she’ll figure it out once he arrives.  I can confidently say that this kid could be born today and we’d be fine.

Tuesday Joe and I headed over to the hospital for my weekly baby check.  We got to sit in a room and listen to his heart beat, then go have another ultrasound.  They didn’t tell us how big he’s measuring, but I’m not sure it really matters anyway.  When it comes to measurements, he’s all over the map!  One week I’ll go in and he’s in the 75% for his gestation.  The next week I go in and he’s only gained 3 ounces and is now in the 40%.  The following week I’ll go in and he’s gained 2 pounds and we’re now staring at the 90%.  I’ve decided that I just don’t believe any of it.  I’m taking both newborn and 0-3 month clothes to the hospital just to be prepared no matter what he comes out weighing.

Wednesday was Ella’s first day off school, so we were able to sleep in and spend the morning in our jammies just hanging out.  The perfect activity for a cold, rainy day!  In fact, I think I’m the only family member that actually got dressed on Wednesday.  Fortunately it’s days like this that keep me caught up on laundry.

Thursday morning is Ella’s favorite family tradition of the year.  I make a yummy breakfast (it’s the least I can do since I don’t cook Thanksgiving dinner) and we all go in the basement to watch the Macy’s parade.  She sat completely glued to the TV and if one of us left the room and something exciting came on, she would yell for us to come back quick so we didn’t miss it.  Ella’s life dream (at 6 years old) is to go see the parade in person.  She asked to go this year, but in my current state we knew that it wasn’t possible.  We’re crossing our fingers for next year.  I know she would love it!  And hopefully while we’re up there I can also take her to see the Rockettes Christmas show!

Thursday afternoon we have some wonderful friends who gladly invite us to invade on their family Thanksgiving every year.  They are a family with 7 kids, not to mention spouses, significant others, grandkids and extended family, so it’s a little like spending Thanksgiving with Joe’s family.  We always have a lot of fun!  This year was no different.  What’s funny is that Christy (our friend whose family this is) hadn’t told many of them that we’re expecting another baby.  So when I arrived, in all my huge glory, they were completely shocked to see me.  It was a wonderful meal with great company.  In true Ella form, I changed her into her jammies before heading home and she was asleep in the car within minutes.

Today the plan is to go buy our Christmas tree and get the house decorating started.  There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in!  I almost have all of my Christmas shopping done and just need to get things wrapped.  I’m feeling pretty good about where we are.

I could fill this blog with things I’m thankful for, but you’ve already heard most of them.  God has given us so much.

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Anonymous said...

Send Ella's wish to New York, Macy's always needs MANY volunteerst to help and she could see the staging area where they blow up those baloons or get a hotel room on the route and watch in your pajama's with the babies.

And Ella could see Lion King!