Friday, March 8, 2013

Betsy Ross

Several weeks ago Ella’s teacher sent home a letter stating that for the class “Who am I?” presentation Ella was going to be Betsy Ross.  This was the perfect person for Ella because she loves the flag and knows all of the songs about the flag (You’re a Grand Old Flag is her favorite).

I wasn’t sure where to begin with creating a costume, and it always makes me laugh when someone says, “It’s so easy to make!  You could make one yourself.”  Ummm, no.  I have not inherited the same skill of sewing that my mother has.  I did what most mom’s in my situation would do…I posted it on facebook.  Luckily one of my friends from the great state of Wyoming offered to make Ella a Betsy Ross hat and she had an apron that she threw in for good measure.  Perfect!  Now all we needed was a flag with 13 stars in a circle.

As fate would have it, we went up to Philadelphia, PA for Joe’s nephew’s birthday, and while we were there I mentioned this school project to 2 of Ella’s aunts.  They both piped up that Betsy Ross’ house was just 30 minutes away and it might be a fun stop to make on our way home.  Joe was immediately on board and Ella thought it was a great idea, so before heading home we made our way to downtown Philly to visit Betsy Ross.

The tour was great!  We got to look around the house, pick up a flag and even meet Betsy Ross (at least an actress playing her).  The thing I found most interesting was that apparently George Washington wanted the stars to be 6 pointed stars.  Betsy convinced him that it was easier to make a 5 pointed star.  When he was in doubt, she asked to show him.  She took a square piece of fabric and folded it up, made one snip with her scissors and voila…a perfect 5 pointed star.

The day of the event arrived and I knew Ella was ready.  She had recited her lines for me, she had the perfect outfit, and she had her flag.  One of the greatest parts of being a SAHM is that I get to help with classroom activities, so I arrived at her class 2 hours early for the program so that I could help set up.  It’s times like these when I realize just how lucky we are to be at Polk Elementary and to have the awesome teacher that we do!

When I arrived there were 19 chairs lined up near the front of the room, and at the front of the class was a little desk.  Who was sitting at that desk, you ask?  None other than Joella Gale Murray!  Yes, Ella was perched right at the front of the class because she was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the entire program!  Why does my child leave out critical details like this when talking about her school programs?  Ella introduced the program and laid out the instructions for the competition the parents would participate in (we had to guess each of the characters the kids portrayed…I’m embarrassed at how many I didn’t know), then she would introduce each child before they came to the front to tell about their person.  She did a fabulous job and I was so proud of her!  She read every word perfectly and spoke clearly.  She was confident and poised and didn’t hesitate one bit!

After the program we had a little reception with snacks, and by the time we were finished school was over and it was time to come home.  Since daddy wasn’t able to be there, Metti also came to see the program.  She’s so impressed with how far Ella has come with her confidence.  Ella seems to have gotten the performance gene from her Paw Paw and speaking gene from her GiGi.  Who knows where these 2 gifts will take her.

I have kept all of Ella’s Betsy Ross items and will file them away in hopes that some day she can do a more in-depth project on her.

Yes, I do have pictures to share but I'm in a time crunch right now so those will have to wait.  Sorry about that.

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