Friday, June 8, 2012

Great News!

Ok, we just got back from the doctor and have several pieces of great news.

First, Ella’s iron is at a 10.9!  This is the highest it has been since she was a baby!  She had another blood transfusion last week so we’re attributing the good iron to that.  I don’t really care what the reason is, I’m just glad it was up.  In fact, the doctor was so pleased that we didn’t have to stay to get another infusion.  Ella was beyond excited for that!

Second great news, Ella is 30.9 pounds.  She has almost gained 5 pounds since getting her g-tube.  We are so excited about this great weight gain.  It’s starting to taper off since her body has pretty much adjusted to the new calories, but she’s definitely still growing.

Third, Ella’s skin is finally looking better.  She still has a couple of rough areas, but all in all she’s looking significantly better.  She had some pretty severe wounds on her legs that were causing a lot of pain and we were having trouble getting them healed, but on Wednesday they finally looked better.

That’s all there is to update you on.  We’re all so glad to finally be seeing some positive results.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news! You must post some new pics of her with her new found weight gain! Continued prayers for her healing!

Donna Tadlock
Millbrook, AL

Jason D. said...

Good to hear!