Thursday, July 14, 2011

Typical Summer Week

Ella and I have gotten into a pretty good routine for the summer. It’s not too exciting, but gives us the good balance between getting out to do things, and staying home to relax.

Sunday’s we head to church…always a fun time. And after church we head directly to Fuddruckers. For some reason, Fudds is the after church hang-out for FBCA members. It’s great for us because there’s plenty for Ella to look at and it's what we like to call a "kid-friendly zone", and even if we arrive alone there are always plenty of people to eat with. To top it off, their hamburgers are awesome!

Monday is relaxing day…nothing too exciting, but it lets us catch up from the weekend. I usually do some laundry and maybe clean up the kitchen. This week, however, we had some very special guests come to visit! Aunt Beck, her sister Laura, and Beck's 2 nieces, Cayton and Raygan, all came over to visit. Ella and Cayton colored some beautiful pictures and Ella had fun playing with the girls. I had fun chatting it up with Beck and Laura.

Tuesday is movie day…YAY! We love going to movies, and it’s especially nice that Regal Cinemas offer $1 kids movies during the summer. We head out early, stop by McDonalds for some hashbrowns and chocolate milk, then head to the nice, cool movie theater. This week we saw “Barnyard.” Very exciting stuff when you’re 4. And we got to meet some friends at the movie, which was just an added bonus!

Wednesday is library day. This week they had a special show of “Music from around the world.” There were instruments from all over the world that Ella got to play. Before the instruments made it back to where we were, Ella was itching to play something, so I had to improvise. I grabbed my powder compact and a yellow highlighter, and Ella was more than happy to dance around while banging the highlighter on the compact. Next time I’ll remember to throw some of her new Princess instruments (Thanks Linda!) into my purse so she has something “real” she can dance around with. After the show, we typically go to the kids area and check out the DVD’s and books, and spend some time playing games on the computer. Wednesday nights Joe and I head to our small group bible study, so Ella gets to spend some quality time with Boppie and Joe and I get some quality adult time.

Thursday is usually another relaxing day. Sometimes we’ll head to the store, but mostly we stay close to home. Today we’re going to the store to get something very special for daddy for his birthday on Sunday…shhh, don’t tell him.

Friday varies. We usually stick around the house during the day, but do something fun as a family at night. Sometimes Ella and I will venture into DC to visit Joe at his office. Sometimes we’ll meet friends for lunch. Sometimes we’ll just stay in our jammies all day. It really depends on our mood.

Saturdays are the best because we’re all together as a family. Ella knows that Joe doesn’t have to go into work, so they spend the morning together making scrambled eggs and playing. This is also the day that Joe takes Ella to the bank (remember how much you loved getting a lollipop when you were a kid). Every Saturday they head to the bank and Ella comes home with a lollipop. Sometimes, on special occasions, they’ll even visit 2 banks so she comes home with 2 lollipops! This all means that I get some downtime to myself, which is always a welcome treat.

There you have it, that’s our week in a nutshell. Nothing too exciting, but it keeps us active. I hope you all are having a terrific summer as well.

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