Monday, March 21, 2011

Better Late than Never

I know it has been awhile, so I finally uploaded some recent pictures. They can be found in the January/February 2011 folder and the March 2011 folder.

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in the Outer Banks. Neither Joe nor I had been before, so it was a great trip. Our friends Casey and Christy have a beach house there (ok, Casey's parents have the beach house) so we spent the weekend hanging out at the beach house and seeing the sights. We did venture to the beach one day, but it was very windy and a bit too cold to really enjoy it. Ella did get to try her hand at building a sand castle.

Of course she had some help from daddy. He grew up on the beach so he knows how to build sand castles like a pro!

The girls also got to go fishing. Ella was especially excited to catch Nemo. I didn't go into the details about what kind of fish Nemo is and that he's really not the catching kind. Ella was a bit jealous of Ginny's Princess fishing pole, but I told her that when we visit Wyoming I am confident that GiGi and PawPaw will ensure she has whatever fishing pole her heart desires.

We had a ton of fun hanging out with the Grubbs family. Joe and I met Casey and Christy when we were all engaged. We became fast friends and have remained close every since. It's so much fun watching our girls (who are just 3 months apart) become friends. Ella and Ginny were so funny playing games together and watching movies together.

For Christmas Santa brought both Ella and Ginny Snow White lip gloss. At one point they were standing in a room together just watching each other put the lip gloss on. Ella told Ginny that they matched lip gloss, to which Ginny bolted out of the room (she was running to tell her mom that they matched). Ella was very confused. She looked at me and said, "Oh man...she ran away!" Needless to say, Ginny came back and she and Ella resumed applying their grape flavored glitter Snow White lip gloss.

We had a blast and hopefully we can go again sometime when it's warmer and we can actually enjoy the beach.

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Paige said...

What fun! That last picture of those sweet girls is priceless.