Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So sorry about the delay in posting. We’ve been busy bees here at the Murray house.

2 weekends ago Ella got her first homework assignment. Her teacher asked all the kids to color and cut out 4 hearts and with those they would make a graph. Through this project I learned something very important…Ella is MUCH more studious than her mom.

She was so excited to work on her “special homework” and wouldn’t let me touch a thing. She chose the colors for each heart and colored them herself. And yes, my child…the kid with contracted fingers and 2 fingers on her right hand that are completely webbed together…Ella cut out all 4 hearts completely by herself. When I would try to help she would tell me that this was her special homework. I was hardly allowed to even touch the hearts. I was so proud of her, and she was so proud of herself. I was even more proud when we got to school Monday morning and most of the hearts had been cut out by the parents. They had to cut out the hearts for their “normal” kids but my “special needs” child cut them out all by herself! GO ELLA!

Here are some pictures of her working on her homework. And I think it was hysterical that she kept calling it her “special homework.” Someday she won’t think it’s so special.

Since she cut with her left hand and we don't have left handed scissors around, she kind of twisted her wrist and cut over the top instead of the normal way. Who cares...it worked.

The finished product. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself! She got better as she went along.


Gale Alexander said...

I think we'll have some left-handed scissors waiting for her in Shreveport. But maybe she doesn't need them...she did a beautiful job.


Ben and Lola said...

Ella did a WONDERFUL job on her special homework. Quite a little independent spirit you have there. Good for Ella. Very inventive with the scissors. Proves she can do anything she wants to!! I know yu are very proud of her!!

FinsUp said...

Beautiful hearts and made with a lot of heart. Great job, Ella!

Linda said...

Hi Katie: You must be so proud of Ella. She really is very special and she did a great job cutting out those hearts. Please give her a hug for me. Take care guys. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana

Politicalguineapig said...

She's an impressive little girl, says the fellow leftie.
If you're looking for a good pair of left-handed scissors,'Fiskers' have always been my favorite. They cut easily, and they're durable.

Anonymous said...

You can alsofindadaptive scissors which do not require finger placement inside the scissors. Thay look like tweezers.Cheep enough to buy a couple for school too so that other kids can try them out.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling on last post. That will teach me not to proofread!

Kathleen said...

Just came over here from Vanessa's blog. This post made me so happy! She looks like a sweety pie with a great mom.