Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I started singing in choir when I was in 4th grade. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many different choirs I’ve sung in, but it has been a lot. Yes, I was in Show Choir…I wore a purple cummerbund and bow tie…it was shimmery. Yes, we sang and danced at the same time and it was wonderful. I loved every minute of it.

All this considered, it shouldn’t be surprising that one of my favorite shows on TV is Glee. I love the drama, I love the comedy, I love the romance, and I especially love the music!

I pride myself on not getting star struck. I have lived in DC for 7 years and over the course of that time I have met a lot of important people, so I have learned to keep composed when we meet. I have met hundreds of our country’s leaders including a president and vice president (who happened to go to the same high school I went to). I have stood in elevators with 5 members of Congress and managed to come up with something witty to say like, "Be sure to vote the right way." I've even been known to stop a very high profile House member on the escalator and ask him if he remembered his high school Speech and Debate coach (my mom...and yes, he did remember her). I have met many singers and actors and been completely able to keep my cool (ask me about the time I saw Angelina Jolie in the bathroom). However, yesterday I met someone that made me feel like I was back in 7th grade and meeting New Kids on the Block.

If you don’t know who this is, then you’ve obviously never watched Glee. This is Mr. Schuester (Mr. Shu), the trusty glee club director. I met him at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, and I completely made a fool of myself.

Picture it, a hot and tired mom pushing a stroller with her hot and tired 2 year old daughter. They’ve seen all they came to see and all she wants is to find the exit. All of a sudden, there he is…Mr. Shu. Insert total freak out.

So, I saw Mr. Shu and immediately started scrambling to get out the camera. By the time I got it out of the case and prepared to take a picture, he had passed. I stood for a minute and evaluated my options:

1) Chalk it up as a loss and just tell my friends that I saw him.
2) Take a picture of the back of his head.
3) Run down the hill and grab him to get a good picture.

Well, as you can see from the picture above, I chose option 3. I grabbed Ella (I believe her exact words were “Woah Mommy!”) and started running down the hill…all while pushing a stroller. I was bobbing in and out of people like a pro. Finally, I came upon Mr. Shu (yes, he does have a real name, it’s Matthew Morrison, but to me he’s just Mr. Shu) and asked the dumbest, most obvious question, “Are you in Glee?” Hello Katie...of course he's in Glee. That's why you chased him down!

Well, because he’s nice, he said “Yes” as though I didn’t ask a stupid question. I of course asked to get a picture with him, but the woman who was escorting him to the Glee performance stage wouldn’t let him stop…not even for 1 minute (mean lady). So I just walked along side of him and snapped a picture.

He was cute, I’m not gonna lie…much cuter in person than on the show. I think they may nerd him out a bit on TV so that he goes with the theme of the show. Anyway, he was very cute and very nice. The whole 2 minutes that I was walking next to him (pushing Ella in a stroller) I was rambling on a bunch of stupid stuff about how my coworkers and I were Gleeks and how we talked about what happened on the show every Thursday morning (although now it will be on Wed. morning since the show is moving to Tuesday nights), and I know I mentioned something stupid about how I was a former show choir member…and I went on and on until finally something in my head told me to shut up, so I just thanked him for the picture and left.

There it is, my brush with fame. Right after I saw him, I saw Betty DeGeneres and Tony, Ellen’s DJ. I had used up all of my 12 year old NKOTB juices, so I just snapped a picture and left it at that.

Oh yeah, and Ella had fun at the White House too.


Curby Alexander said...

You are my hero. That is hilarious, and the picture turned out pretty well, too.

Beth said...

I love it! I would have done the same. Always choose option 3!

Gale Alexander said...

But remember MY favorite celeb you met was my teenage idol...Pat Boone!

Gretchen Wheeler said...

Katie, I'm LOL! This is a great story. I shared it with Megan and she said that Mr. Shu always reminded her of your brother, Curby! I'll let her fill in the details. Also know that your encounters with the celebs are your mother's and my "claims to fame!" Of course, I once sat in a limo that Oprah had sat in. Yep, Oprah and my butts on the same car seat! Just not at the same time. Hey, we can't have everything! Lots of Love -

Wren and Jennifer Hawthorne said...

Very funny KT. I needed a good laugh this morning. My favorite part was "whoa momma".

Anonymous said...

I totally pictured you chasing him down... very awesome. Glee is one of our favorite shows, too. Can't wait for the new season to begin!


Geri Kelly said...

Remind me to tell you about the day I met Roger Waters from Pink Floyd- it happens to all of us.

You made me smile.

Amy Allen said...

OMG - I can't believe I haven't seen this picture before right now!!! (I'm way behind on your blog... whoops!) You are my HERO! After his brilliant take on "Ice Ice Baby" this week, he is forever my fav! :-) I'm glad you chased him down, just so I could see this wonderful pic!