Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ella's new tricks

Here are some of Ella’s new sentences. This does not nearly encompass all that she says (she’s a chatterbox) but these are some of my favorite comments.

“Uh oh…Ella tooted!” Yes…she actually says this.

“Oh no! Daddy got a boo boo!” She says this in a very sympathetic voice…she’s obviously very concerned. She also asks us to draw boo boos on pictures when she’s coloring or we have drawn mommy or daddy or have traced her hand.

“Baby’s sad…she needs her mommy.” This is said every time she hears a baby cry, whether in real life or on TV.

While talking on her pretend phone, “Hi Mommy. Hi Daddy. Hi Boppie.” (Long pause) “Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Hi Bop.”

In a very low voice, “It’s cold mommy.” Then she dies laughing at how funny she is.

And everything…and I mean EVERYTHING is a mommy, daddy or baby depending on if she thinks it looks feminine, masculine, or childlike. She’ll see a big black SUV and say, “That’s a daddy car.” Or she’ll see a little dog and decide that it’s a mommy doggie. And girls always have long hair…boys have short hair…at least according to Ella.

Ella’s most recent favorite songs are: Lullaby (the traditional lullaby) and Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday is sung numerous times while we celebrate various birthdays, including mommy, daddy, Ella, Grammy, GiGi, Paw Paw, Boppie (Metti), Fracesca and Francesca’s mommy. Sometimes even stars, drums and other objects have a birthday. And Happy Birthday is sung while Ella and I play her xylophone and drum.

Ella’s new favorite thing to watch is “The Ella Show.” She sits on the computer desk and we look at videos of her as a baby. She was very cute…and she knows it. She also loves looking at pictures of Santa. I’m trying to prepare her for Christmas so that she’s not scared when he comes to our house.

That’s about it for Ella’s new tricks. She’s learning a lot in Boppie’s language (whatever they speak in Ethiopia…I can’t remember the official name). She can count to 10 and knows the words for hot (temperature wise) and beautiful. And she’s learning eyes, mouth, nose and ears. I told Metti that she has to stick around at least until Ella’s 18 so that she can be fluent in Boppie’s language.


Candice said...

How funny! Hazel also loves singing "Happy Birthday to Hazel" and started watching "baby Hazel movie" (s) this week. Some things must just come with the times.

DT said...

I think my favorite part of that post is that you put she says I tooted at the top of the list! That's why I love you guys!

She's a genious. I tell you. She and my nephew Carter will have to get married when they get older. I think their offspring could discover a cure for cancer!

Rene said...

My personal favorite comment that Nora came up with at the age of two: Any time I told her "no" about something she would respond with "Mama, I just don't understand what you are talking about. I just don't understand it." They are such crack-ups at this age!