Monday, June 2, 2008

Uh Oh

Yesterday afternoon Ella was doing her gorilla walk (crawling with her hands on the floor and her legs straight) and she got so excited she started to bounce up and down. All of a sudden she did a face plant into the carpet. The good news is that we have carpet, so that saved her little nose quite a bit. The bad news is that she still got a blister right on the tip of her nose. She looked like a cute little clown. Hopefully it will heal quickly.

I know that this is just preparation for what is to come. Ella has discovered that she can successfully pull herself up on the stairs, furniture, and even us. This weekend she started trying to actually climb the stairs! We know that as she starts walking she is just going to get more boo boos. All we can hope is that once she is a stable walker, that her boo boos will decrease.

Other than the Rudolph nose, Ella is doing fine. She is such a little chatterbox and has quite the attitude if she needs it. She is getting rather bored with her toys (even though I feel like she has a ton that have overtaken our house) so when she grabs a toy that she’s tired of, or if we give her something to play with she’ll take it and throw it out of the way. Usually it’s a dramatic toss right over her head.

The other night Joe and I woke up at 3:30 am to Ella talking and playing in her crib. We just laid there hoping she would go back to sleep. Of course she didn’t, so eventually I went in to try and get her back to sleep. She was definitely ready to party when she saw me. I kept the lights off and tried to maintain a sleepy environment. I gave her a bottle hoping that would soothe her down. She took it and within a few minutes she was asleep…or so I thought. I gently took the bottle out of her mouth, only to have her open her eyes and say “dug.” I held my laugh in since it was not time to get up and play, but it was so funny! Apparently she was laying there thinking about dugs.

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