Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Well, its my first official Mother's Day and so far things are going great. On Friday Joe had a dozen roses sent to me (they won't deliver on Sunday) along with a balloon and a box of chocolates. The roses are multicolored and they are beautiful! Then last night Joe fixed us a nice dinner of steaks and spinach, two of my favorite things. Last night Ella actually slept most of the night, so that was a gift in itself. She only woke up once at midnight, and that's much better than 3 am. We decided that Ella has a cold, which is why she wasn't sleeping through the night. Friday I developed a sore throat and runny nose, and if Ella felt as yucky as I did yesterday, then no wonder she isn't sleeping. She had a slight fever and a runny/stuffy nose. She seems to be feeling much better today, and hopefully once she gets to feeling better the sleeping will continue to improve.

This morning we went to church and got to see Ginny dedicated. Ginny (Virginia Lee Grubs) and Ella are best least that's what Christy and I have decided. They always just stare each other down and eventually grab hands. It's so sweet.

The best part of Mother's Day was during church when Ella would stick out her hand and I would kiss it, then she would laugh. I didn't want to disrupt church, so I only did it twice then turned to listen to the sermon in hopes that she would be quiet. She put her little hand on my arm and said "Ma Ma" to get my attention! She knows I'm her Ma Ma! They say that until a kid is about 10 months to a year old, all the babbling is just that...babbling. It doesn't really mean much. And somewhere in there they figure out that all those letters actually mean something. Today it was like she figured out that I am Ma Ma. It was so sweet.

After church we went to Ginny's house for lunch. It was pretty funny because it was Christy's family, Casey's family, and us. I guess it's like we're family. After all, we are taking vacation together this summer. It was a delicious lunch and Ella did great at both church and lunch.

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