Monday, March 31, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Saturday night we went to the Nationals exhibition game. This was open only to season ticket holders, so it was a small and devoted crowd. We dragged Ella along with us and she did great. It was pretty cold, though, so we only stayed until the 2nd inning, then headed home when I enjoyed some hot chocolate and longed for a fire place!

Sunday night was the Season opener…us with 40,000 of our closest friends! We arrived at 5 and of course grabbed some nachos (my favorite part about going to the games). At 7:30 Ella had a melt down, which resulted in Ella and me heading home. Unfortunately all this happened before the first pitch was even thrown! Joe stayed and watched the game. Mental note…don’t try to take Ella to 2 games in a row.

The Nationals new stadium is absolutely beautiful! They have awesome food including: Five Guys; Red, Hot and Blue; Hard Times CafĂ©; and Ben’s Chili Bowl. I think this park is going to give Camden Yards a run for their money! And I can’t forget to mention the 4,500 square foot high-definition scoreboard, or the entire section for kids (Play Station 2 video arcade, batting cages, Build-a-Bear workshop complete with Screech doll, and outdoor play ground).

Sunday night Joe broke down and bought a Nationals cap to wear at the games. Please note that Joe has always been and will always be a devoted Mets fan. The hat was bought to cheer on the local team and will only be worn at games where the Nats are not playing the Mets. If the Mets are in DC, Joe will be wearing the Mets hat (and shirt).

Friday night Joe’s friend, Alex, came down to visit. He made us (and Beck) a very special dinner of Garbage plates. Apparently this is something that goes back to their college days at the University of Rochester. There is a place called Nick Tahou and they are famous for garbage plates, which consist of half a plate of home fries, half a plate of macaroni salad, topped with 2 cheeseburger patties and bread. We then top it with mustard and/or ketchup. Mix it all up and enjoy. I know, this sounds really disgusting. But it is actually extremely good. In fact, this is the second time Alex has made us garbage plates, and I had the same problem this time that I had the first time. For several days after he leaves all I can think about is having another garbage plate! He even made one for Ella. She looked at it and even tried to grab it, but she can’t eat it yet. Maybe in a few months.

On a bad note, poor Ella has her first cold. She caught it from her mom, and boy do I feel bad about it! She has a horrible cough and runny nose and you can tell that she just doesn’t feel good. We gave her Tylenol last night, hoping that would make her feel better (no, it wasn’t the kind with cold medicine that has been recalled…it was just plain). I just hope the cold doesn’t linger for too long. Don’t worry, we kept her home from church yesterday so as not to spread the cold to other innocent children. I don’t want to be known as the mom that brings her sick kid to church.

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Kristina said...

How cool! I am from Rochester and know exactly what you are talking about! I hope you enjoyed your Garbage Plate . . .I only ever tried it once . . .that was enough.