Friday, September 7, 2007

Sweet Melodies

Jenni Soto Benson, our great friend and Katie's maid of honor, is a professional singer. Any of you who have heard her perform can testify that she can sing with the best of them. She recorded a new music CD entitled, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," that includes beautiful lullabies and melodies.

Her desire is to bless families with her talented voice while also helping support Ella's medical costs not covered by our insurance and one of the best Epidermolysis Bullosa research organizations called the Debra Organization,

Debra has been instrumental in helping Katie and I learn about how best to care for Ella. Shortly after her birth, they recommended EB doctors, provided special medical supplies for her blisters, and showered us with encouragement. In fact, they are sending us a visitor this weekend from Kentucky to help us learn strategies for raising an EB child.

We have attached an order form on the right-hand side called, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Order Form" for those interested in picking up a CD or two. If you have questions about the CD, please email Jenni at We thank you in advance for helping to defray Ella's medical costs that our insurance will not cover and a fantastic organization that is doing great work for families all over the United States.



Jen Hamilton said...

She has really grown! You can see that she is a perfectly healthy baby. You two have done a wonderful job. As I said before, God put Ella with the right Mommy and Daddy for her! She looks great!

Jen Hamilton

Darla said...

Of course they're sending you someone from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are the greatest, you know :-)