Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday blessings

This post is from Gale, Ella's grandmother:

Last night when I visited my grand daughter, her big blue eyes popped open wide. She's wiggling and stretching without apparent pain, and she listened intently as I sang to her. She definitely knows the voices of her Mom and Dad. I was able to take the first family portrait which should be posted shortly.

The first thing the nurse said last night was that her worst wounds are healing very well, and no new significant blisters. Her vitals remain strong, and there's no infection. Breathing is good, even though they're keeping a tiny flow of oxygen through nose tubes...mainly for hydration.

Katie and Joe have already developed a network with several other EB parents, and even a 30 year old woman who has dealt with the condition all her life, but is now married with 3 children. This network is able to give the information and answer the questions. Thank you Lord for Andrew,Sarah,Shawn, and the others.

We're still a ways from the comprehensive diagnosis we desire, but the current treatment will remain the same regardless of the reports. Our baby is responding well to this treatment, but your prayer are still needed. These have kept us all strong.

Blessings of the day:
*Ella is responsive and getting stronger on mama's milk
*Network of new friends and professionals are pulling this condition into focus for us
*Gale drove the roads of Alexandria yesterday without fear or incident
*Grammy Janet is coming back here today to join the Team
*Katie and Joe are getting good rest, and are dedicated to being the parents Ella needs them to be
*This rollercoaster ride continues, but we're learning when to hold on tight and grit our teeth, and when to put our hands in the air and allow the blessing to rush over us


Rebecca said...

we are good friends of Gina and Curby's in Cville and had eagerly awaited the news of the new baby's birth. We've been praying for dear little Ella and the rest of the family, I can only imagine how hard it is on all of you. I don't always know how to pray and God knows that, so I allow Him to fill in the blanks. I was blessed by Grandma Gale's posting.
much love, Becca, Brian and Jacob Kipe

Anonymous said...

I have been looking daily for any knew news on Ella, I am happy to hear she is strong and doing well. Katie and Joe are a testament to God's love. Stay strong you two!! I am praying all the time for a wonderful miracle, for God to show his everlasting love and power to this little girl. We Love you!
Mel Belfiore

Dee said...

Blessings Grandmother Gale!
My precious Alison was born 4 years ago premature.
She was in intensive care for many months.
I still cry everytime I remember the 1st time I walked in to meet her; hold her. At first I was too scared to hold her with all the "hook-ups" she had, but PRAISE JESUS I learned she wouldn't break. This was THE BEST time as I would hold her; sing to her "Jesus Loves Me." Actually I think it did more for me than her.
Now as I watch her playing; running around I have to continually pick her up, give her a big hug; PRAISE our Jesus for this precious Blessing.
God is soooooo GOOD!
Continually, constantly praying for you, your family. Lifting you up to Jesus. His Will Be Done in all our lives for He Loves Us So Much.